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  • Illustrated Story: My Friend, Idly 2, Stories for kids, animated stories, audio stories, illustrated stories for kids on Tus Magazine
    • story My friend Idly

    -“Idly! Heeey, Idly, itls twenty to eight… Idly!”

     But Idly didnlt have ears anymore, so she couldnlt hear her, so the tongue had no other choice: she found the courage and left as well, leaving her there to s’eep happily. It didnlt matter, right? Now that she had no arms, no legs, no stomach and no ears? She wouldnlt need the tongue anyway…

     A little more time passed and Idlyls hair started walking around the head. He saw the ears were gone and he felt like leaving as well. He thought of a way to wake Idly up and so he started to pull. He pulled to one side and then to another, then up, then down, he kept trying to pull harder but Idly would still not wake up. With no choice left, the hair started off to school, floating lightly in the wind, and alongside was flying – more difficult but vigorously, trying to keep up – Idlyls brain. He was also rather worried about being late to school. They got there at exactly eight olclock, all sweaty and breathing heavily. They threw themselves in the third desk from the wall, in the seat on the right.There they found the legs, the arms, the stomach, the ears and the tongue that had already arrived.

    • story My friend Idly

    The teacher was about to come in and they were very nervous, hoping he would not notice that Idly was not there.

     At eight sharp the door opened gently and the whole c’ass became quiet. The children stood up and there entered: 


    -“Got you! You came to school without me, again! Shame on you; thatls a bad thing you did! Because of you I was almost late. You have no idea how hard it is to get to the first c’ass with no legs, arms, stomach, ears, tongue, hair and brain. Let me see, are you ashamed or not?”

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