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    We hope that we have clarified certain aspects, by means of the above-mentioned. However, if you wish to receive more information, please feel free to reach out to us by means of the manner of your choice via:

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    About cookies


    In accordance with the usual practices of professional websites, this site uses cookies, small files which are downloaded to the computer, for the purpose of improving the user experience. This page describes the information that we gather, the manner in which they are used and why sometimes we must store these cookies. We will also highlight how you can prevent the storage of these cookies, however this may lead to the deterioration or „breaking” of certain elements connected to the website functionality.

    For general information regarding cookies, you should research additional sources regarding HTTP cookie files, including but without limitation Wikipedia.


    Deactivating cookie modules


    You may prevent the placement of cookies by using the „Cookies Manager” which is directly accessible in all of the pages that have included content. It informs you regarding the Cookies which are present in each individual page and offers you the option to activate/ deactivate them according to your preferences. The manner in which these options function are presented for your convenience within the „Cookies Manager” section. Please remember that the deactivation of the cookies will affect the functionality of this website and that of many other websites that you visit. The deactivation of cookies will usually lead to the deactivation of certain functionalities and options of this website.


    Third Party Cookies


    In certain special cases we also use cookies provided by trusted third parties. The following section specifies the third party cookies which you may encounter by means of navigating within this website.

    This website uses Google Analytics, one of the most widespread and secure web analytics solutions, in order to help us understand the manner in which you interact with the website and the means by which we may improve your experience. These cookies may track actions such as the duration of time spent within the website and the individual pages which you visit, so that we may continue to generate relevant and interesting content.

    For more information regarding Google Analytics cookies, research the official Google Analytics webpage.

    From time to time, we try out new options and carry out subtle alterations regarding the manner in which the website is rendered. When we are still in the test phase of new options, these cookies may be used in order for you to benefit from an improved experience while you navigate the website, and in order for us to understand which optimisations are most appreciated by our users.Also, we use social media buttons and/ or plugins within this website which enable you to connect to your social media network in various ways. In order for these to function, the following social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, will place cookies by means of our website, which can be utilized in order to improve your profile within their website or in order to contribute to the data which they hold for the various means presented within their official documentation, including but without limitation their Terms and Conditions, their privacy policies or their policies regarding cookies.


    Cookies Manager


    Starting with the bottom left side of the main pages, and continuing onto the entirety of the navigation experience within the domains, you have access to the management interface.

    By selecting the “Manage services” (Management of the services) option, you have access to the organizing view regarding your individual preferences. The Cookies are distributed in categories, and they can be individually allowed or denied, according to your specific options. The options may also be extended to the entire selection in a consistent all-encompassing manner.

    The button designations:

    • “Allow” - designated by the green color - designates the allowance of a part of or of the entirety of the Cookies modules;
    • “Deny” - designated by the grey color - designates the denial of a part of or of the entirety of the Cookies modules.

    The figure which is highlighted next to the “Manage services” (Management of the services) option indicates the number of the active Cookies at the given time. By selecting it, a frame becomes activated on the bottom right corner of the page which you are navigating on which indicates the ownership of the Cookies files in respect to the entity which manages them. For more details regarding this Cookies Manager, we invite you to decide upon accessing the official website of the supplier, currently accessible through the opt-out.ferank.eu/en/ Internet website, as well al the legal Terms and conditions of use, currently accessible through the opt-out.ferank.eu/mentions/ Internet website (the dates of the last accessing November 13th 2018).


    Our use of the information gathered by means of cookies 

    We use the information gathered by means of cookies for the purpose of enabling and improving your browsing experience.

    The personal data which we gather directly or by means of certain third party services include:


    • The IP address, when you access Internet pages
    • The name of the accessed page
    • Identification data like for example: last name, first name, Email address, industry, address, phone number and/ or location, when you decide to contact REEA SRL and these are offered voluntarily by means of consent or which we consider objectively-necessary or at the very least useful in our proprietary business interest in order to be able to contact you regarding the purpose for which you express your consent and/ or interest.
    • Statistical data, in anonymous form, which even though individually (or in an isolated manner) cannot lead to direct identification, by means of their correlation with other sets of data, exceptionally have the potential to be used for identifying a person.
    • This data may include for example:
    1. The location established on the basis of the IP address, or following your consent, provided by means of the device used for accessing our platform.
    2. The Browser used for navigation, its version and functions
    3. Other information which is accessible by means of the utilized Browser or application, like for instance the version of the operating system or the resolution used by your device. The names of the accessed pages and/ or of the downloaded files
    4. The source of the preceding page

    REEA SRL does not carry out processing that would lead to the identification of persons on the basis of the statistical data, this data being gathered by means of third party services and places at our disposal in an anonymous format. Most times, the gathering of this information may be blocked by configuring the utilized device appropriately, or by means of refusing our access to this data whenever your consent is required to this end.

    Unfortunately, in the majority of cases there are no standard options for deactivating cookies without (including completely) deactivating the functionality and characteristics which they add to this website.


    The Cookies that we have placed


    This website offers newsletter or Email subscription services, and the cookies may be used to remind you that you are already registered and in the event in which you wish to be notified in a manner compatible solely with a user-subscriber status.

    From time to time, we engage in carrying out surveys and questionnaires for the users in order to offer you interesting data, useful instruments or in order for us to better understand our user base. These surveys may use cookies in order to remind us regarding who already took part in the survey or in order to provide you with correct results after you have switched pages.

    Whenever you send data by means of a form, as for example the one found within contact pages, cookies may be placed in order to remind us regarding the details of the user for future correspondence reference purposes.

    In order to offer you an extraordinary experience within this website, we offer the option to set your preferences regarding the manner in which this website runs whenever you use it. In order to remind us of your preferences, you must enable cookies to the extent that this information may be called upon whenever you interact with a page which is tailored to your preferences.


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