First Day of School

 A poem by Mediana Stan, illustrated by Liviu Boar, translated by Rafael Manory


A boy dressed in red, his hair freshly cut
Walks towards school with a bear cub.

Malika, the girl like a swirl, very blonde
A cat that purrs she brings along.

On a boy, a pony tail on his back,
A raccoon sticks its head out from his pack.

Next to another guy, crawls a seal
Arf-arf, he says, as if choking on his meal.

Long-bearded grandpa with a pipe an arm-long
Comes with a pupil and a raccoon dog.

Ovidiu, the mathematician hard to beat
Found the stray dog Kalic on the street.

Snail enters the c’assroom, his house has a door.
It opens up, a girl c’imbs down to the floor!
The young crocodile from Mark's shirt tag
Has s’ipped out and is seated near his bag.

Schoolmistress flies to c’ass on a pink flamingo
Her marksbook carried in by a special dog dingo!