Once upon a time there was a morning in which my friend Idly refused profusely to go to school. Her mother begged her, but to no avail:

 -“Idly, itls seven olclock; I have your toothbrush and your toothpaste ready, come brush your teeth!” Idly stretches and yawns. 

 -“Wake up, Idly, itls ten past seven, the tea, bread and butter are ready!” Idly grumbles. 

 -“Idly, itls a quarter past seven; you need to hurry up… Idly, have you prepared your school-bag?”        

-“Ilm never going to school again. Let it be c’ear! I want to s’eeeeeeeeep!” She rolled over on the other side and even started to snore lightly. But it wasnlt that simple because, although Idly did not want to go to school, her legs did. So they started pulling her: 

 -“Idly, Idly, itls twenty past seven, letls go to school… Idly, we are ready! Come on, Idly, come on, take us off the bed!”

-“Oh no, I am not going anywhere! I want to s’eep! If you want to, you can go, Illl stay here!”

So Idlyls legs started off to school, while she kept on s’eeping. But it wasnlt long before Idlyls arms started to pull her:

 -“Idly, Idly, come on already! Itls twenty-five past seven, letls go to school! We are bored here at home, take us to school, Idly! Come on, Idly, come on…”

 -“Oh no, Ilm not even thinking about it. If you want to, you can go, I plan on s’eeping!”