Myrmidone watched over Hop-on-Flowerls troops, his building of the fortresses and the battle. She was considering how to punish the three generals as they deserved, and gave orders to build the scaffold. Seeing the princess coming down from her strategic observation post in the tree and hearing her heavy wooden steps, the generals started shaking with fear.But the scaffold was not yet finished, and the caterpillars already had to defend a new attack. Myrmidone thought that a great leader, the like of Seventy-Legs-on-the Footpath, who could stimulate the soldiers was needed. But who could it be?
Myrmidone wore her armour and helmet, and took her spear. She showed up unexpectedly in front of her soldiers, took aim and threw her arrow at General Tar, smashing his armour and gravely wounding him.

The caterpillars could not believe their eyes. They were watching Myrmidone, who was obeying Hop-on-Flower's orders. It was a glorious victory.
Myrmidone was triumphantly led under a roof of apple flowers, and was crowned; and Hop-on-Flower got to be named Thirty-Legs-on-Flower.
Shortly after, within the same hour, they celebrated the engagement of Myrmidone and Thirty-Legs-on-Flower. There was a big party in the fortress.  The caterpillars drank pink wine and danced until they got dizzy. While taking a walk with her fiancĂ© under the blooming apple trees, the locusts attacked them and even though Hop-on-Flower had his spear with him and fought bravely, the Queen was kidnapped and taken to the Gray Fortress.


End of first part