-''Oh God, in a little while the masters will be back home and will catch us, and we are going to be in so much trouble!''  Then, desperate and frightened, the cat started pulling the dogls ears.

Spotted was worried too, but he didnlt make a sound, and allowed the cat to pull his ears, happy that shels helping him to get in. The cat kept pulling and pulling, and the dog was telling her: ''pull harder please!'', and afraid that the owners will come home and see him, he ignored all the pain.

When I got home, I found Spotted stuck in the little door, his ears were extremely long, like Cockers, and his fur all chopped. I had to cut the door with a jigsaw to get him out of there, and then I took his to get his hair cut and arranged. He stayed in the hall until his fur grew back. And since then, my dog has long ears….but it looks better this way!

-''True'', agreed Coco. ''And what happened to the cat?''

-"The cat? Well…you know how it is…you come home tired and the cat jumps in your lap and starts purring…”

-"I know…”