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    From Rafael (Rafi) Manory, PhD

    I am truly grateful to Mr Dan Masca for giving us the opportunity to participate in this project, and I congratulate each and every one of the participants for putting together and launching this exciting project called “Revista Tus.” The final result is exciting, much more impressive than I initially imagined when I received a long list of poems to translate. While working on this material I was very impressed with the work of Mediana Stan. Her ranges of subjects, her general culture background, as well as her detailed knowledge of botany, zoology and even astronomy were very impressive. In my view, the story of Myrmidone the Caterpillar, a fairy tale describing the life cycle of the Monarch butterfly, contains all the elements of a good screenplay: itls full of suspense, drama, intrigue, love, itls got humour and a happy ending, and would make a good animated movie. But itls not her only impressive story; so are the other folklore-like stories, such as “The Bridels Dish” and “Milky Valley”, as well as the dramatic poems “Ink” and “Ann the Flower Girl.” By saying this I donlt want to lower the standing of other material on this site, such as the stories translated from other languages, the story of Frederick the Elephant, that of Price Argyelius and Ileana the Beauty, or the smaller funny stuff such as ”˜The Game of Who Are Youl by Katia Nanu or the series of poems for every day of the week by Valentin Marica.

    Itls a collection of gems, and each one is valuable.

    I wish Revista Tus all the best and much success with readers of all ages. It deserves to be successful, it has been created with love, care and talent.


    Rafael (Rafi) Manory, PhD

    Editor-in-Chief, Edit Associates


    Posted By: Rafael (Rafi) Manory, PhD on Nov 30 2008 04:55PM Category:About Tus Add comment
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