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    Hey kids!

    My name's Liviu and I made some of the drawings and animations you'll find on this site we dedicated to you. We're grown-ups, that's right, but we're the kind of grown-ups that haven't forgotten what it's like to play, either with the pencil or with the mouse, or writing stories that we enjoy at least as much as you do. I had a lot of fun, for example, while animating Zurinka, was a bit nervous as Razelana lived her fantastic adventures, rooted for Mirmidona and her battle while I was drawing her... As I said before, I hope you'll enjoy them at least as much as I did. What am I saying, "I hope"? I know it! And don't be shy, write to us, let us know what you liked, what you'd like to see in this (so far) online kids magazine called Tus (Ink). Untile next time, be good! Back to drawing. :)


    Posted By: Liviu on Nov 28 2008 04:50PM Add comment
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