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  • Interactive: Tus Children's Magazine - online magazine for children with stories, poems, animations, audio
  • Interactiv

    Welcome to the interactive section of Tus Magazine!

    We now have a section for you where you can publish your literary, drawing and video works. With a single user account you are allowed to publish content on Tus website. For literary works we have two sections: stories and poems. To be able to post a story or a poem you are asked to create an account and c’ick "Add story" or "Add poem".


    Register here!


    This section is new and we are still testing it. That’s why we ask you to tell us if you encounter any problem or have a question. To do this, please use the following address: redactia(at)revistatus.ro.


    Have a good time!

    Latest video

    Ildi video

    Uploaded by: ildike

    Views: 111405

    Rate: 1.000

    The most recent stories

    Prepare a Strong Introduction and Conclusion
    Prepare a Strong Introduction and Conclusion
    Making a strong, elegantly prepared introduction and conclusion are essential in writing an adequate essay. Both give structure and attention to...

    The most recent poems

    Poor ruined rose
    Getting up from its deep sleep
    In its heavy bed, its mother's womb.

    Getting enough energy,
    Food and water
    Biting by...
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