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  • Illustrated Story: The Alphabet's Story 5, Stories for kids, animated stories, audio stories, illustrated stories for kids on Tus Magazine
  • story The Alphabet's Story

    Once upon a time…This story, my dear children, happened right here, in our school, to two first grade little girls. It is impossible not to know where the first grade is: on the second floor, right above the administration. You must know Emma and Ella, the twins sitting at the third desk, in the middle row. But who doesnlt know them? They play all day long: they jump the rope, they draw hopscotch on the sidewalk with the chalk they secretly s’ipped into their pockets at school – thatls why therels no chalk at the chalkboard…they c’imb trees, pull the dogsl ears…you must have noticed such restless little girls, and, to be honest, quite cute.

    Although twins, they were quite different. Emma had greenish-blue eyes and twenty freckles, while Ella had bluish-green eyes and nineteen freckles. Therefore, to be frank, they were extremely different. That day that we are talking about, Emma and Ella were supposed to read one word – a simple word…and quite a tasty one. So, together with their teacher, they began reading:


    story The Alphabet's Story

    - A…P…P…L…E…S

    - A…P…

    - Well?

    - A…P…E…S   

    -  Ha! Ha!

    - Emma. Emma. Emma. You are not paying attention. Ella, please repeat after me:

    - A…P…P…L…E…S Aaaaa….   A…P…P…L…E…S

    - We donlt know and we donlt want to know how to read!

    - How come?

    - I like playing with my dolls!

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