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    Tuș Magazine (you can find the contact data on the page...) is the sole owner of all the information collected on the website. The magazine warrants that the collection of the personal information from its users is not for sale, hire or distribution in other way than that mentioned herein in this document. If an user wants to be a member of Tuș Magazine, then he will be asked to supply some information with personal character. This information shall fill a form with the following data: first and last name, age, mailing address, job title. The persons under the age of 14 should always ask a parent or teacher to confirm the respective data. 

    After filling the form and pushing the registration button, the members will receive a mail of welcome to confirm the registration, to check the user and the email address. Any registered member can give up his membership of Tuș Magazine at any time by notifying the magazine by e-mail to the address: redactia(at)revistatus.ro.  

    During registration as a member of Tuș Magazine, the users may activate also the option to receive newsletters. For every type of user – children, parents, teachers – there is a certain type of newsletter. Every newsletter sent by Tuș Magazine will have also the option of unsubscribe, so that any member may give up the option of subscription at any time. SC Reea SRL states against sending unsolicited commercial messages for whom she has not the explicit agreement of the user (spam).

    Tuș Magazine gives the possibility to recommend the website to other people, also. To do this the user who recommends the website shall provide the following data of the person to whom he recommends the website: first and  last name and mailing address. This information will be stored in order to send a unique message as an invitation to visit the website. In the case in which the respective person may want to register as a member he shall fill the form and if the person does not agree to this, Tuș Magazine shall not send other unsolicited messages.

    The website of Tuș Magazine warrants the security of the personal data of its members both online and offline. Personal, sensitive or risky data like number of the credit card is not necessary in order to access and use this website. All subscription-related information collected from users shall not be the object of other marketing activities than those made at Reea (like study of the market, tracking the traffic to the website, etc). SC Reea srl shall not disclose any kind of information relating to personal identification about its users to the third parties without the prior express consent of its users.

    Tuș Magazine uses also the IP addresses to analyze trends, administer the website, track the demographic movements for internal use. They shall take into account that IP addresses have no relation with the personal data provided by the members of Tuș Magazine. We shall not use the trafic data to identify the persons behind IP addresses. 

    The identifying information can be modified either on the registration page or by sending a notification e-mail to the address....

    When deciding the modification of the privacy policy, the members of the website will be notified by e-mail and the new modifications of the privacy policy shall be published on the website. If Tuș Magazine wants to use the personal data submitted by its members for other purposes than those herein mentioned, the members will be notified by email, having the possibility to agree or deny this decision.

    SC Reea SRL respects the Romanian legislation in force, in this case Law 677/2001, modified and completed, for the protection of persons relating to processing personal data and free circulation of this data, and the Law no. 506/2004 relating to processing data with personal character and the protection of  private life in the electronic communications area. 

    According to Law 677/2001, you benefit of right to have access, of intervention on data, the right not to be subject to an individual decision and the right to address the justice. Also, you have the right to oppose  processing personal data that regards you and to solicit the cancel of the data. To exercise  these rights, you can address a written application, dated and signed, to:

    Str. Republicii nr. 41
    Târgu-Mureș, județ Mureș
    Telephone/Fax: 0265/264856
    Mobile: 0745/992463

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