•  Fish in the Pouch

    A poem by Mediana Stan, illustrated by Szitai György-Ferenc, translated by Rafael Manory


    Mr. Bubble, the young Beaver
    Goes to the bank of the river,
    He unties his tiny boat,
    Keeps it near the bank afloat.
    Hardly could he cut some cane
    When he meets a lonely crane.
    He was startled by the whish
    But the crane takes out a fish.
    He removes with his long beak
    The tough stems that rub and prick.
    He ties bundles with a line,
    Picks a fish from time to time.

    Mr. Beaver leaves the reeds,
    Fish is rather what he needs.
    In his pouch he stuffs them tight,
    He thinks 'bout a soup tonight!


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