•  Malika

    A poem by Mediana Stan, illustrated by Ferenczi Zsolt, translated by Rafael Manory


    Malika is the girl like a swirl that
    Has befriended the Cat.
    Every day they go to school
    Arm in arm, sit on the same stool. 
    They even go to the swimming pool!

    Doing their homework together,
    Sleep in one bed, they are birds of a feather.
    Malika wears soft pullovers, of colour gray,
    Her eyes become like the Cat's, send a ray!
    On the Cat she ties her ribbons:
    Two on the ears, two on the tail... shall I go on?

    The Cat went to school till forth grade,
    After that, remaining home, the beautified stays
    High up on the tarred roof, it's her rule,
    Waiting for... guess who! to come back from school.

    Malika writes, adds up numbers till she tires,
    Cat stays on her desk and Malika admires. 

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