•  Santa's Coming!

    A poem by Mediana Stan, illustrated by Liviu Boar


    Santa's coming, Santa's coming
    On his way with sounds of drumming. 
    Stars burn to ashes in his sight
    And from the ashes re-ignite
    Shining in black-silver light!

    The old man his s’eigh has stopped,
    To the angels he then talked:
    - Stop throwing stars in my trail
    And comets with heavy tails
    My big rabbit, the friendly bloke
    Is scared of too much smoke....

    But a curly-haired angel still
    A cartload of stars caused to spill...
    The Rabbit with c’osed eyes,
    Pulls the s’eigh through the skies
    And on his silvered, secret way
    Stars ignite and burn away....


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