•  Sailor

    A poem by Mediana Stan, illustrated by Szitai György-Ferenc, translated by Rafael Manory

    The mouse, in a swinging bed,
    Hanging from a poppy thread, 
    On his snout he's s’eeping deep
    He is a sailor in his s’eep. 

    Holds the rudder, keeps the way
    Tied to it by strings, to stay.
    There comes a storm on the sea, hey,
    He's afraid to be swept away.

    Suddenly, he turns around 
    With a worried kind of sound:
    - Help me, help me, oh, My Lord,
    The ship leaned deep on a board!

    A sparrow wakes him with a cheep:
     - Oh, I'm not on the leaned ship?
    He sees the grass translucent, green, 
    Dandelions' foam around him…


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