•  The White Lake Has Frozen

    A poem by Mediana Stan, illustrated by Liviu Boar, translated by Rafael Manory


    There it is frozen, the White Lake,
    With silvered willows, for poem's sake. 
    For the full-bellied mice
    It is a rink, they are skating on ice!

    With their blue furs, little red hats
    They are spinning in pairs, little mice brats.
    The titmice whistle and sing 
    In the willows that go on silvering.

    Against a branch they crash,
    But skate on, in a flash.
    In untouched crystals, one, two, three
    Their burning hats they see.

    Little bear came also here,
    Frost covered, with no fear.
    He's skating without break
    Drawing circles on the lake.
    He is rushing for a jump.
    He stumbles against a stump
    Is s’ipping, skidding there,
    The skates are up in the air.

    The ice broke, it is too thin.
    Two mice came to rescue him.
    He goes home not to catch a cold
    To dry his fur and be consoled. 


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