• Dan Lungu

    Once upon a time, there was a man who had a nose, a mouth, two eyes and two children. If he didnlt exist, there wouldnlt be any story about him, right? His childrenls names were Ilina, a ten year old, and Filip-Rareș, a ten month old, and they were gooooooood…, like two spinning tops. However, the two naughty children got along extremely well: while Filip-Rareș was chewing on the girlls crayons, homework notebooks and schoolbooks, she was playing, all blushing and focused, tongue between teeth, games on the computer. Her favorite was SIMS.

    That man also had a wife who, even though was not the daughter of a king, smiled beautifully. And he also had a computer at which, during the magical days lighted by the good spirits, he would write stories for children. Now Ilm going to tell you a biiiiig secret: that man was me. Me, Dan Lungu. If I didnlt exist, there wouldnlt be any story about me, right?

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