Itls a snail that runs as fast as light
    Carrying the whole family on its back.
    Does it have horns or wipers? Itls not a cart.
    Say fast, what is it? Itls ….


    (a car)

    Its thick legs are strong in the ground.
    Itls unmovable, doesnlt make a sound.
    When the wind though through its mane blows
    It starts singing, who might it be, do you now?

    (the tree)

    Grandpal put two circles on his eyes.
    And they look like light bulbs now!
    He used to trip on his cat again and again,
    But now he reads page after page. .

    (grandpals eyeglasses)


    One seed that Ilve sown became a thousand.
    A whole plain they filled to my amazement.
    One seed grows fast, another one is flabby.
    Stalk by stalk, the … is waving..








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