• King Wheat, who didn't want on his soft pillows to remain,
    got up and rode his horse to the fields, despite hail and rain,
    hoping to find some forgotten dandelion around,
    to bring to Anne, the flowers' girl, whose hair locks reach the ground.

    He found instead some hidden sweet pea
    and came home wet and frozen, but happy.
    the courtiers, awash with joy,
    pulled his seat c’ose to the fire, to enjoy
    and on a tray served him a cup of elderberry tea.

    Meanwhile, the maids were weaving
    a long, golden braid, something divine,
    and turned it around Anne's forehead like a long vine…
    they were sitting to discuss whether having freckles,
    is wonderful or perhaps it's a hassle.

    Anne's long eyes blinked, and then they frowned.
    Away she turned,
    without any help put on a heavy dress of brocade,
    she looked in the mirror and saw a statue of lead,
    that somehow seemed a bit too polished, a bit too dead…

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