•  Down and Rushes

    A poem by Mediana Stan, illustrated by Szitai György-Ferenc, translated by Rafael Manory


    Mr. Rat consciously gathers
    Rushes and lots of wild birds feathers
    To make a quilt for bad weather.
    Canes of rush and camomile
    Spreads them in the sun to dry.
    Mr. Rat s’eeps under eiderdown
    In his burrow under ground.
    When he turns aside on leaves
    Feathers crack between the sheets.
    He woke up, got off his bed,
    "Rushes make too much noise" – he said.
    Closes the window set flush
    Against the unquiet rush.
    He draws the eiderdown on head
    His feet remain bare, instead.
    On his tummy he now whines
    Should have made this longer, guys!

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