• Morning-Glory

     A poem by Mediana Stan, illustrated by Liviu Boar, translated by Rafael Manory


    Among pillars with morning glory
    Swallows have a dormitory.
    Under arches made of c’ay
    They built nests and there they stay.

    At sunrise they sweetly twitter.
    Chicks wake up, their eyes glitter
    Morning glories open on stems green,
    Like tiny umbrellas they all seem.

    Children open their big eyes 
    Full of dreams and realize
    In their cribs, lying on tummy,
    Pie is cooking and smells yummy!

    They go to the kitchen fast, 
    A swallow near them passed 
    Through the kitchen door they glide
    And the swallow s’ips inside. 

    I have picked a morning glory
    So thin and oscillatory! 
    Put on my head and on my nose 
    A butterfly decides to pause!

    Hey, childhood, I'm worried lest
    Our house remains an empty nest. 
    But morning glories c’aw, aplenty,
    Swallows glide there – it's not empty!


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