• And the arms hurried to school, lest they be late, because, as everybody knows, arms walk more s’owly than legs. Idly kept on s’eeping and did not care a bit that her arms and legs left for school. Not long after that, Idlyls stomach started shouting as well: 

     -“Idly, would you move already! Itls seven thirty… Ilm hungry and I want to exercise! Take me to school or Illl also go by myself!

     -“Oh, my Lord, what chaos! But leave already and let me s’eep!”

     And the stomach, after wolfing down the bread, butter and the tea, went grumbling on his way as well. He was sneaking so that no one would see him and get scared. A stomach wandering by itself on the streets is not quite a common sight for those good children that are not late for their first c’ass. Idly was s’eeping free of worries but also free of legs, arms and stomach. She couldnlt care less about this and then her ears started to yell, but very loud, because thatls the way ears usually yell:

    -“Idly, itls twenty-five to eight! Are you going to get up… or what? Do you want to be late for school again? Idly, you hear me, Idly…? I say! Are you deaf?”

     -“You know what? Ilm sick of you! Leave already, all of you, and let me s’eep in siiiiiiiiileeeeeeence!”

     Frightened, the ears took off with earrings in them, and off to school they went; and Idly kept on s’eeping like this, with no arms, with no legs, with no stomach and with no ears… She was sound asleep. After a while, not a very long while, her tongue started to fidget. The tongue didnlt quite know how to get to school and was afraid to make her own decisions, so at first she tried to wake Idly up:

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