• You can even see the hills at the border of our neighborhood, where the green forest starts and where HearsPrettyWell Rabbit lives, with Salvador Squirrel and Little Wood-Pecker, and they are all Bobols friends. Bobo looked up, at the c’ear sky, in the distance at the green forest, and then down and he started feeling dizzy. It is not safe to look down at the cars and people crowding on the pavement at the mall traffic-lights junction. Bobo hold on to the edge of the window, and then, being so dizzy jumped from the sill towards the world that was stretching below. Because Bobo couldnlt fly he had to c’ing with his c’aws to the window frames and gripped with his strong beak, which he used to use for breaking the nuts and peanuts he received from his fans.

     Not far away from his, at another seventh floor, in a balcony Pedro the Puss was lingering in the sun. He was a green-eyed, almost yellow cat who could see very well during the day, unlike other cats that see much better at night – and this is called nyctalopia, in case you didnlt know that.


    Stretching his limbs, Pedro followed Bobo. Out of curiosity, of course, and not for any other reasons! Jumping from balcony to balcony Pedro followed Bobo on the street, and they both entered the mall, finding their way through the people that were strolling there, shopping, or simply looking around.

     Bobo strolled for a while among peoplels feet, watching out not to be stepped on, pecking a few sesame seeds from a lost pretzel, swallowed a couple of candies from the sweets department, then jumped on a canvas marquee, then in the artificial palm-tree next to the spring fountain by the café.

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