• Imola Molnar

    During the week, Ilm an educator, and on Saturdays and Sundays, Ilm a tourist.

    On Mondays, I help the kindergarten prankish kids turn a mule into a stallion.

    On Tuesdays, I read them a story about kidnapped princesses, seven headed dragons and pink piggies.

    On Wednesdays, I show them how to count the kernels of the magic sour cherries.

    On Thursdays, we learn to walk like lobsters and dwarfs.

    On Fridays, we plant peonies and carnations.

    On Saturdays, I pack my bags and together with my friends we take a kayak down the Mureș river or we c’imb the Rock of the Szekler and once in while we pedal our bikes to Bezid. Should it rain, a cave is perfect for shelter. Here we admire the stalactites and the bats.

    On Sundays, I return to my modest home and I write about the lime pearls, the steep rocks and the waterfalls that touched me. And this is how the game "Razelana" came to be.

    I was not at all unaffected by the garbage thrown amongst the calcareous stones in the cave called “Peștera Câmpenească”. To this cave I dedicated the story “The princess Clochette” (Tinkling Voice).

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