•  -Deal!
     The two neighbours leaned towards each other at the gate.
     -What is our neighbour's business with our milk? Ever since he got back from the North Pole, they've all been acting so weird!
     And the bear would sit with the fish drawer in his lap and lick, suck and champ in great haste, and you could see about five bottles of milk and whipped cream lined up in front of him: two fish, half a bottle, two fish, a bottle, and a bit further away, sitting at the table, dad, mom and Mircea were eating bread with salt and tomatoes.
     At night, they would go out to walk the bear, gently, for him not to get hot, because polar bears have a thick layer of fat under their fur and they warm up fast if they run, and the dog was supposed to watch over him.
     Then the food ran out. The bear would sit and lick the empty fridge and would give dad a very sad look when he came in the door. Mircea would pass by their neighbours, sometimes the one on their left, sometimes the one on their right, and would smell the pots they had on the stove. They would ask him to come in and eat and were surprised at how hungry he was and what a nice figure mom had. It's obvious she goes to the gym every day, her friends were saying.
     One day, dad looked at the huge freezer – empty - and told the polar bear:
     -Let's go back, boy! What would the bear do, winter was almost over and spring was going to be hard to endure.

     Dad and his white buddy got ready for the journey, only this time they were helped by an organization for the animal protection who sent them a truck. Dad accompanied him to make sure he got there alright and left him right there where he had met him, that is, the North Pole, on an ice floe, using this opportunity to take some more pictures. The bear jumped in the ocean, grabbed a fish and wolfed it down, then he brought one to dad as well. Dad thanked him, put it in his bag and told him:
     -I'm going to eat it at home, with Mircea and mom!
     And so he did.

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