• A story with dad, mom, Mircea and the polar bear

     -One taxi, please, at the airport... for the railway station. But when the taxi arrived and the driver saw what he was about to carry, he quickly turned around and left without hesitation. Finally, a horse-drawn carriage stopped, picked up dad and the polar bear and, with moil and toil, took them home.
     Upon getting home... they got in the house. The neighbours were watching through the fence, asking themselves what could their neighbour have brought home from abroad; what a huge bag he had... they were looking forward to being invited to see it, especially because dad was a very friendly person and the neighbours were always welcomed to their house. Only this time nothing happened. Dad had a mysterious smile, mom was very busy and the little boy would shriek, and many times you could hear this indescribable noise, the doors and the windows would shake, as if the whole house was jumping and it seemed it wasn't really straight anymore. The neighbours knocked at the door to say 'Hi' but mom served them coffee in the garden, on the little table covered in snow. There was no noise coming from the house; it was very quiet and calm.

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