• I can actually watch the real stars through my window on c’ear nights, because I live on the eighth floor. But tonight it was c’ouded, and the windows looked as if someone has poured crude oil on them. Suddenly, I heard a knock on the window. At first I thought that this was some tree branch brought over by the wind, or perhaps a bat that has just gotten a new bump on its forehead. But the knocks kept repeating and in my chest the heart started humping. I pulled the blanket over my head, hoping that I won't hear any noise any more. I was frightened.

    You have to admit that it's no shame to tremble when the reason is an unknown visitor, in the middle of the night, on the eighth floor. I was very c’ose to screaming to call my parents, who were in the next room with their door open. I would have done that, but my curiosity made me peep, with one eye, just one eye, from under the blanket. Right in front of the window, a patch of light from a lantern revealed the face of a child who was saying something, but I didn't hear a thing. Looking more c’osely, I realized that this was no other but Ayako. Or, well…it could have been also someone else who resembled her perfectly. I gathered some strength and got c’oser, and the creature was desperately signalling me to open.

    With unkempt hair and s’anted eyes, she looked as if she was on the watch, and it could have been a wicked demon that took my friend's appearance. Nevertheless, it seemed to be her, by the way her mouth was mumbling non-stop. No, I couldn't tell whether it was really she or not. With a heart the size of a flea that has been starving for a week, I opened the window.

    "Is that you, Ayako?" I whispered. "Well, it's not the Emperor of Japan, is it? Please let me in already, or I'll pee on myself…"

    "And what if you are a wicked spirit?" I asked

    "If I were, I would have eaten you fifteen times already…'If he's large””rolls of cabbage', is this password good enough?" she said.

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