• After Fantezissimus realized how many types of words existed he started organizing them. He took some small special boxes and built all sorts of objects made of words, which he then placed inside the boxes for safekeeping. It sometimes took him an enormous amount of time to fill the boxes; other times he could do it very quickly. He them places the boxes onto some big shelves, which he sent into the world in order to offer the people a present. 

    And the people called these presents “books”. Books are like boxes; inside the books there are many objects made of words, sitting there nicely, well-organized by Fantezissimus and when you open them you can find unimaginable things: animals and rivers, big ships, palaces, fairies and delicious cookies recipes, but also more entangles things that are difficult to repeat, like Maths and Physics lessons.

    Certain words from certain boxes start running or jumping inside your home as soon as you open the book – sorry, not the book, but Fantezissimusl box. Then they return and quietly wait for somebody else to open the box. Sometimes they can wait for months, years, or centuries. They sometimes stay young but they can also grow old and when you open the box again the are not so nimble any more, they squeak and they need repairing.

    This is why in such cases other words come to assist them, and these are younger, newer words that Fantezissimus sends to their rescue. This is possible because the words spring functions unceasingly, and the wizard of words, Fantezissimus has settled there and keeps making these magic boxes even nowadays.

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