• Once upon a time there was a parrot named Bobo. He took a lot of pride in his red back and wing feathers, in his yellow neck and in his green phosphorescent chest. He believed that he was the most beautiful parrot in the world and this might have been true. People would laugh and feed him when he uttered the three words that made up his vast vocabulary: cucumbers, nonsense and boo-hoo-hoo. He would go to parties and entertain the guests, and this is what made him feel like a great artist. No one was able to talk when he was present. Bobo would immediately make him or her shut up, to the entertainment of the rest of the people present. So, it didnlt take him long to become a star and be well-known in the show-industry. He was even invited to a television for a couple of time and some chocolate makers created a special sort of chocolate with his image on it: Bobo chocolate. You must have tried it kids.

     As you might have already guessed, Bobo lived in a double-doored luxury cage and was free to wander freely around the house, provided the windows of the 7-floor apartment where he lived with Dani, were c’osed.

    Dani was a dancer and an actor, and obviously Bobols master. It was him who took Bobo to parties, and it was due to him that Bobo had learnt the three magic words that he would often successfully utter. These were…letls see if you can remember kids…yes, these were cucumbers, nonsense and boo-hoo-hoo.

     In a beautiful spring day, Dani mistakenly left the cage door open, and being also a scatterbrain he left the kitchen window half open as well. Therefore, Bobo c’imbed onto the window sill and from where he was standing he looked out over the city stretching in the distance- you can get an excellent view of the city from the seventh floor.

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