• “This is a true story! I even met the cook myself! You have no idea of how stories should be told! Come on, one more try! I donlt have all day to listen to you! If you do not succeed this time, you are mine!”

     So the two boys talked to each other for the last time. Eventually, hastened by the impatient witch, they started again.

    “Once upon a time, there was a dwarf, named Kiki”

    “The witch was silent because although she had never seen a dwarf she couldnlt say that it was a lie.”

    “He was the most giant dwarf.”

    The witch was silent again because she still couldnlt contradict them. Who could say how tall a dwarf could be?

    “His best friend was the giant Meme. He was the shortest giant. They were good friends and together they went to conquer the most beautiful ugly girlls heart. She was the most honest thiefls daughter, whose only fortune was an apple. This apple was the reddest and could even sing. Hit sang every night to the gayest sad girl, ad this would fill your heart with sorrow.”

    The witch fiddled for a short time but still didnlt say anything. So the little boy continued.

    “When the boys arrived there they didnlt know what to do because they both liked the girl very much. ”˜Should we fight for her?l they wondered. We cannot agree with this, we are friends. Kiki and Meme – a legendary friendship.”
    At this pain both boys shut up.

    “And? And? What happened next?”

    “We will tell you since we are Kiki and Meme. We will tell you if you guess which one is Kiki and which one is Meme.”

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