• The two boys thought for some time. If they didnlt find the truest lie they would become the witchls s’aves forever. And this wasnlt all. They would also remain with those donkey ears for the rest of their lives.  So they had a talk, and then they started their story under the best bad witchls surveillance.

    “Gooooooooooooood. Listen! The goat, the lion and the cow became brothers. They wanted to save their money together in order to open an inn at the edge of the forest. Then, the goat…”

    “You are lying! This is impossible! The lion would immediately take the cow and goatls money away, moreover the latter could be grateful to survive after such an experience.  It is a shameless lie! Canlt you do any better?”

     Then the two boys withdrew again, discusses for a while, and the second boy said:

    “Once upon a time there was an excellent cook. One day she took a chicken and cooked it. Her master had guests for lunch. The chicken smelled so good that you couldnlt resist it.

    ”˜I have to taste it, to see if there is enough salt in it l, the cook said. And she broke a wing. Than, in order for the master not to notice anything, she broke another wing. Gradually she ate the entire chicken. The she went to her master and told him that the chicken was ready but the knives were blunt, and they need sharpening. So the master started to sharpen the knives for the guests. She waited for the guests to arrive and told them that her master has gone mad. ”˜Can you hear him sharpening the knives? This is because he wants to kill you.l And so all the guests ran away frightened. Then the cook went back to the master and said ”˜You have such bizarre friends! They came, stole the chicken and then ran away!”

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