Relieved, she threw her  shoe into
    the first garbage bin she encountered.
    She propped herself on Martin and...joined in.
    Now, there were five people hopping
    around with one shoe only ””
    four kids and one lady.
    Some people would turn their heads and ask,
    "What's this foul trick?"
    Others found this game so funny,
    that they immediately joined in.
    After about half an hour,
    the chain of people who
    were hopping with one shoe
    was almost a hundred yards long.
    Miriam, Wolfgang's friend
    was all alone in her room.
    She has just finished eating
    a couple of biscuits,
    when she threw a short glance
    over her window and she
    couldn't believe her eyes.

    She could see thousands of people,
    hopping on one foot
    and wearing one shoe only,
    and at the head of all
    these people was her friend Wolfgang.
    "What's this?" asked Miriam.
    "This is a caterpillar," said Wolfgang.
    "This is the longest caterpillar in the world!"
    and everybody was laughing.

    Some time later they all returned alone
    to their homes, hopping on one foot.

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