• "One shoe for each of us should be enough.
    I would wear my right shoe
    and hop on my right foot,
    and you would wear your left shoe
    and hop on your left foot.
    And just so that we won't fall,
    we will have to hold each other."And so they did.
    On their way they met Martin.
    "What are you doing here?" asked Martin.
    " We are playing a new game.
    It's called Hop with one shoe only, " Wolfgang explained.
    "Can I play too?" asked Martin.
    " You can't, how could you?
    You're wearing both your shoes."
    Martin took off his left shoe,
    propped himself on Michelle's shoulder
     and now all three were hopping.
    " Where are we hopping to?" asked Martin after a while.

    Let's go to Lena first," said Michelle.
    They went to Lena, and Lena took
    the sandal off her left foot and 
    started hopping with her friends.
    The four were now hopping
    towards  the city centre.
    On the store front, they met Mrs. Schmid-Bierbaum.
    "Good day, Mrs. Schmid-Bierbaum.
    We are playing Let's hop with one shoe only.
    Please come and play with us."
    Mrs. Schmid-Bierbaum was a very
    nice person and she found this
    suggestion to be a very good one,
    particularly since her left shoe has
     been hurting her for a few days already.

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