• Spotted was so happy that he didnlt waste any moment thinking. As soon as the owners left, came running to the catls door. The cat was speaking from behind the door: 

     - "Oh, goodness, the mistress left this house too warm, maybe I should crack a window to make it cooler.” 

    - "No, please, leave it like that!” said the dog, soaked by the autumn drizzle and his nose steaming. And tried to come inside the house, but his head got caught: 

    -"Wait!” said the cat "First, show me your paws.” 

    The dog sneaked his paws through the door, but the cat whined:

    -O see some dirt on your left leg, go get that water hose and wash it off, then come back. The dog ran and washed his legs again, then pushed the little door to enter the house, but got stuck, because he was a little bigger than the small door opening.

    After many efforts to sneak in, he entered, but half of his body was still stuck. The cat, however, continued to encourage him:

    -"Come on, just make another effort!”

    The dog kept shoving himself in, but it was all useless. 

     -"Your fur is very bushy and curly, hold on, maybe if Illl trim it, youlll get thinner and will surely fit through the door!” Then the cat brought in a scissor, and started chopping his fur. Spotted s’id a little through the opening, but got even more stuck. He was not able to move any way longer.

    At seeing this, the cat looked at the big watch on the wall, and began lamenting:


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