• "And where are the cows grazing?" I asked.

    Luke looked intently at a small insect Arina has found, and said "They are going far away" and he pointed with his arm towards the plateau, "on those hills..."

    I c’osed my eyes, and listened to the sounds of water rushing between stones…I thought I heard some familiar sounds…

    "Does the river talk?" I asked.

    Luke smiled broadly: "It invariably says: everything is good."

    “What do you mean?”

    “Because everything, this means any thing, first of all, is and second, is either c’ose to whatever is there or is part of whatever is there; so it turns out that one can only place good after is, so even if something is bad, it's still good."

    "The way you said it first was c’earer," I mumbled. I looked at Arina bathing in the river; she was as white as the river.

    "Look how much she grew up since this morning," I said.

    "Sorry?" Luke asked as if he hasn't heard me. "She is taller," I said. "Not at all," muttered Luke.

    Some thoughts of bad words went through my mind, to tell Luke and be off with him forever; how could he believe he can fool me like that, the girlls face was different as well, damned breed of sorcerers!

    "Listen," Luke said, "you are my friend, what you said is true, but I donlt know how to explain, it is and it isn't at the same time."

    I remembered what he said, that when NOT is in front of IS it's the same as YES, and I didn't say anything.

    I gestured that I was fed up



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