• Everything was true then. This was the starting point of all the trouble for my folk and all the cattlemen that had gathered around the table. But how come Luke asked me to come to his place when he knew I would see everything? I returned to my bed shivering from the cold. Luke was laying in bed, looking at me.

    "Please donlt get upset, I know we are a curse for the honest cattlemen but you see, we have no choice; however we will all leave this place soon."  

    "To go where?" I asked, frozen. "To where the pastures are," Luke answered.

    The next day I woke up and washed at the well, pouring water over my head with the bucket, while the images I saw at night were lingering in my head, and I couldn't think of anything else. I looked at the stable and saw the same thing; the cows were sound asleep, with pleated horns.

    I said goodbye to Luke and asked about Arina, but he told me that she was very tired and was s’eeping.

    I remembered myself as a child, s’eeping among the cows and asked myself if she were also s’eeping like that, or on a white soft bed, as a girl like her deserved. What did it matter though? I went through the door at the same time with the geese, I looked at them again as their flock was flying over the valley and getting further away, then walked to the station.

    The long journey was good for me, as I could think undisturbed. Should I tell father what happened? How come Luke was not worried about this? I got home. Father was in the stable with two servants, grooming the horses.

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