• For a while she stayed motionless in her big brotherls arms, as if listening to something, then she started to fret; on her nose a s’ed could glide rapidly, c’imbing a little on top and stopping at the edge of the precipice.

    The girl laughed, but inside me I felt like falling. "There now, grumbled Luke, Mom said she will hire a man to look after the cows but I'm afraid that it will be she."

    "Where are the cows?" I wondered. A small window opened to the stable. I set the curtain aside. The cows were fast asleep.

    "What's your sister's name?" I asked.

    "What's your name?"  Luke turned and asked her.

    "Arina," she answered cheerfully, "in the evening I'm taking the cows"…
    I looked at Luke. 'No one can contradict my Mom!' he said. We stepped out holding Arinals hands between the two of us and went down to the valley.


    "Arina is already given, you know, when she's eighteen she will marry a lad seven villages away, that is waiting for her, until then she'll graze the cows and sew her dowry. You donlt know how intricate a wedding dress is around here."  Then he added, "A dress like this takes years to make, since this is the most important event." He started reciting rhythmically, bending towards the little girl that was laughing like a spoiled child:

    The four evangelists were three
    Luke and Matthew (but not me!)
    They found what they were looking for
    The round Earth they can control.

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