• Once upon a time there was a witch. She was the worst good witch and she lived in the biggest little house, in the oldest young forest. The house was neither white nor yellow, neither purple nor black. It was actually the whitest black house, and the reddest pink house. One day, the sunniest rainy day, two little boys passed by. One of them had the bluest green eyes and the fairest chestnut hair, while the other one was the bravest coward boy. 

      The witch was at home and the boys saw her hiding after the curtain, next to the window.

    “Hey, lady witch, give us some water….”

    “We are very thirsty because we have arrived here walking on the most twisting straight pathway.”

    “Drink by yourselves! What do you want – the spring is there, under your noses… ”

     And the boys drank, but because it was the coldest warm spring that crossed under the best bad witchls house, donkey ears grew on their heads. They were the shortest long ears ever seen, but they were still donkey ears.

    Firstly, when the boys found themselves endowed with those ears they laughed. But then they cried. Then they started thinking about what is there to be done about it.

    “We canlt go on looking like this.” This was exactly what the witch was waiting for. She said: ”I know how you can get rid of these ears. In exchange, you will have to tell me a story. “ “Of course. We know a lot of stories” “Which one do you prefer?”

    “I waaaaaaaaaaaant…… I waaaaaaaaaaant you to tell me the truest lie. This is the story I want you to tell me. But you have to tell it in such a way the no one can realize which part is the truth and which is the lie. Can you do this? If you canlt you will be mine!”

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