• Once upon a time, there was
    a girl named Michelle.
    Michelle had a twin brother,
    whose name was Wolfgang.
    One day Michelle and Wolfgang
    wanted to go to the big city,
    but although Michelle has been searching
    for her shoes for more than ten minutes,
    she couldn't find any of her shoes.
    "Ha, ha, ha, she can't find her shoes,
    she can't find her shoes!"
    was Wolfgang mocking her.
    But his laugh quickly disappeared
    when he realised that...
    he couldn't find his shoes either.
    Now they were both looking for their shoes,
    but these were not to be found. 
    They looked behind and in front
    the door of the big room,

    behind and in front of the bathroom door,
    in the c’oset, even in the refrigerator,
     but the shoes couldn't be found ANYWHERE.
    Well, finally Michelle  found her right shoe.
    It was hiding under the bed.  
    And, Wolfgang also found his left shoe,
    behind the armchair.
    But neither of them could find the other shoe.
    "So what do we do now?" asked Michelle.
    "Let's go for a walk.
    Let's try something new," suggested Wolfgang.
    Michelle  was thinking aloud:

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