• - See what happened?… My friend, Coco, shouted. Ilve always told you, do not let the dog alone with the cat, but once again, you did not listen to me!

    -But I didnlt let them sit together; when I left for work, they were each sitting in their places, but ... Spotted was in the kennel in the center of the courtyard, each day and night. Only in the winter he is allowed to stay in the hall next to the kitchen, in a basket with a mattress. 

    Try to imagine, itls pouring outside, itls cold, and the brown cat with black ears and blue eyes comes from the backyard, and passes pawing the stones, to see whether it is worth touching them with her paws, while watching the dog pulling around the chain.  Then, the cat turns around, proudly and rhythmically swinging her tail, and as she approaches the house, she pushes her little door with her head and comes in.

    Sometimes, the owner, that is to say: me, allows the dog to come inside in the house, and go around the rooms. Often, when he sees the cat, sitting languidly in the tall bed, he starts barking.

    One day, when the owners were out, while the cat was stretching over the bed covers, Spotted jumped and with his forelegs on the window, glanced inside. But the cat was fast asleep.

    But it wasnlt only Spotted who was staring inside the house. The rooster, the three hens, and the goat came to watch, and even a little hedgehog, kindled by the huddle in front of the window, decided to c’imb the ivy stems. Two yellow hamsters who didnlt dare move from the shelter they made under the chimney, afraid that the cat might come, c’imbed to the other window. 
    The donkey burst in too, and lifted his forelegs on the wall, between the hamsters. Since hels been working all morning, pulling the cabbage carriage, he asked the two yellow neighbors – the hamsters:


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