• And this is how Zoralio and Luludials children spread around the world. Those who loved silver went under the leadership of Rupi, and those who loved gold went under the leadership of Sumnakal, and they became silversmiths and goldsmiths. Others, who loved the fire and its bright lively colors joined Carros the coppersmith and fed the world from their cast-iron kettles. Those who loved freedom, cool forests and endless plains chose Grastinel as their leader and they became horse copers and carters, while those who only knew how to live life to the full and enjoy it started to wander the cities and settle around their outskirts and entertain people with their dancing and singing. Zurika, king Zuraliols most beloved daughter followed this latter group. 

     Meanwhile, in the Aver Land, Prince Gunjar was quickly dieing out because Jungalia who was still hiding under his bed, tortured him night after night. She would go into his dreams, and would whip and scratch him in an attempt to make him find his way to the Arrom Land. But she didnlt succeed because the Prince had never met real love.

     When Zoraliols sons and daughters arrived there with Zurika, the settled at the border of the city, put up their tents, built the fire and started partying.

    Gunjar could hear the music of the Arrom tribe from his window and, and he realized that his heart started beating faster, and than an unusual desire takes hold of him gradually. So the Prince wrapped himself into his darkest mantle and got out of the city. He hid behind the trees and trying to have a better view of the party he fell over some stinging nettles and let out a loud scream.    The musicians surrounded him instantly, their knives out: “ Donlt kill him” Zurika cried out loud, “I want to see his face! What were you doing here?” she asked him sharply.

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