• Then she threw herself at Zoralio and a terrible fight followed. Jungalia burned everything that came into her sight but Zoralio made a sign and it started to rain. Jungalia brought fog over Arrom Land but Zoralio came riding the moon and dispersed the fog. Then Jungalia turned herself into king Zoralio and nobody could tell which one was the real king. However, in order to do that she had to let go of the enchanted mirror for a few moments, which gave the true Zoralio the opportunity to take it, to lock Jungalia inside it, and to throw her inside a rainbow. So, even today, when there is rain, or fog, we can see Jungalia struggling to get out, but she cannot hurt anybody anymore since she is powerless.

     Zurika and Gunjar went happily back to peoplels land, walking on the rainbow, because they were led by true love. As to Arrom Land, you can hear from time to time about what a wonderful land it is, with high mountains and deep waters, covered in a bright rainbow, and reined by a great wizard king and a very beautiful queen: Zoralio and his love, Luludia.

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