• “I was trying to dance on your music”, admitted the Prince, embarrassed at being caught like a common thief. 

    “Really?” Zurika laughed. “Then go ahead, dance! We want to see you. And you,” -she said, turning in the musiciansl direction- “go on singing!”

    Gunjar made some dance steps but Zurika approached him and said, “Not this way. Keep your back straight. Look, like this!” 

    He started dancing again, while looking at her, and Zurika, in turn, could not take her eyes away from the Prince.

    They partied until dawn, but right before sunrise a powerful wind started blowing. That was Jungalia who had become acquainted with the fact that the Prince was not in his bed. The musicians spread and Zurika took Gunjarls hand and ran into the forest, towards a c’earing where Grastinells horses were grazing, and mounted Balval the fastest of all horses.  

    Followed by Jungalia they arrived at Carrosl place, who offered then a copper kettle. They threw it behind them and a black water river appeared. But the witch swam after them c’enching the mirror strongly in her arms.

    Then they reached Rupils place and he gave them a silver comb. When they threw the comb behind them, a forest of sky-tall thorns appeared. But Jungalia crossed it, tearing her flesh and becoming a skeleton with a mirror in her arms.

    Left with no place to run to Zurika and Gunjar fell asleep in the tall grass, and went to Arrom land as Gunjar and Zurika had found true love. There they met king Zoralio and queen Luludia. Meanwhile, Jungalia could see everything that was happening in her enchanted mirror so she entered the Princels dream and showed herself to Zoralio in the shape of a devil with burning eyes.

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