• On the same day on which Mum severely scolded me for not brushing my teeth, my good friend Ayako asked me if I would want to get hold of an enchanted prince. She had read somewhere, in an old book with torn covers and with stains of cocoa drink with milk, how we could find such a creature. By the way, Ayako it's a name, not a nickname. Just like everybody calls me Ilinka, she's called Ayako, because her parents are Japanese.

    It may very well be that in their language 'Ayako' may actually mean 'Ilinka' and that's why we get along so well together.

    "And if we do get hold of an enchanted prince, what do we do with him?" I asked her.

    "I don't know...perhaps we put him in a box and look at him," she said.

    "And what do we feed him?" I asked.

    "Well, if he's small, he'll get a milk bowl," she said.

    "And if he's large”” rolls of cabbage," I added.

    "What are 'rolls of cabbage'?" wondered Ayako. "Oh, you really have no idea? These are those round patties made with rice and ground meat that we are made to…" I replied. "Oh, I know, I know! This is a kind of Romanian sushi, with pork," said Ayako.

    After that we quarreled a bit. I would have liked that, since he already has magic powers, we should put him to do our homework, but Ayako's opinion was that we would be better off keeping him in a box until we grow up and marry him. "After all", she said, "we could catch two of them, one for each of us. And, if they were a pair, they wouldn't get bored, they could play pretending they are samurai warriors".

    I have already forgotten this discussion, but last night something weird happened. I was already in bed under the blanket, had turned the light off and was watching the moon and the phosphorescent stars glued to the ceiling in my room.


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