• There, in the middle of the forest,
    they met a magician who was wearing a huge hat.
    The magician was sitting under a
    tree doing magic tricks. He was turning flowers
    into baloons, and baloons into flowers.
    He was smiling, very content with himself.
    One could tell that doing magic was much fun for him.
     "Why is he doing this?" Frederick asked himself.
    Almost one hundred baloons were gently
    floating above the forest. Every baloon
    was bigger than a tree, and had
    unbelievably beautiful colours.
    The baloons looked like a dancing rainbow.
    The magician saw that Frederick
    was staring at him and asked:
    "Donlt you like my baloons?"
    "Oh yes, yes, I must admit that I do," said Frederick.
    All of a sudden, the Lion emerged
    from behind a tree and started to roar
    the way he always did. The Lion roared so loudly
    that one of the baloons blew up.

    The magician started to shake and tremble with fear.
    "Donlt be afraid," said Frederick.
    "The Lion is my friend and
    he will not harm you or anyone else."
    But the magician continued to tremble.  
    "Could you please also tell him that you donlt harm anyone?"
    Frederick asked the Lion. "Frederick is right," the Lion said,
    "I just roar for my own pleasure."
    "I like to roar just as you like to do magic,"
    the Lion told the magician, "and I was very lonely until I met Frederick."   

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