• Frederick has never seen a lion before.
    "Good day," said Frederick, "my name is Frederick. And, who are you ?"
    The Lion did not answer.
    He just started roaring as loud as he could.
    His roar was so loud  that the trees started to shake.
    " Whatls going on here?" asked a startled Frederick.
    "Can't you talk?" Surprised, the Lion asked:
    "Have you no fear of me at all?"
    "Fear? What is fear?" asked Frederick.
    "Fear is a feeling that comes when one sees a lion,
    and starts to tremble," the Lion replied.
    "I only tremble when I am cold," said Frederick.
    "You are very  brave," the Lion said.
    "Brave? What does brave mean?" asked Frederick.
    "Brave means not to tremble when we see a lion,"
    the Lion said. "Until now, all those



    who saw me were scared and ran away.
    You, Frederick, were the only one who was not frightened."
    "This is not so good for you", said Frederick.
    "It means that you are always alone."
    The Lion agreed. Frederick was absolutely right.
    Indeed, he felt that he was very, very lonely.
    "Come with me," said Frederic.

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