•  "Where have you been?" 
    they asked Frederick. "I've been very far away,"
    answered Frederick, "and look, here are my new friends."
    In the afternoon they had a very big party,
    to which all the elephants from
    the Elephants' Forest were invited.
    Frederick's father played the accordion,
    while the Lion was blowing the bass tuba,
    the Rabbit was pinching the strings of the contrabass,
    Frederick was hitting the drums and
    all the other guests were dancing to the music.

    The only one who wasn't dancing
    was the magician. He was standing in the middle
    of the dancing crowd and was busy
    doing his magic tricks and letting 
    thousands of baloons out of his enormous hat.
    The ballons were very beautiful
    and the party was all the merrier with them.

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