• Thereafter, the magician did not fear the Lion anymore.
    "I would like to be your friend," the magician told the Lion.
    "Anyone who is the Lion's friend is also my friend," said Frederick.
    The three friends started walking. And walking in a threesome was more fun
    than walking as a pair. And so they walked into the forest,
    and they went deeper and deeper...
    Frederick was walking in front, followed by the Lion,
    and the magician was the last in their line.
    At some stage the magician took off his hat, 
    and… he pulled a few rabbits out of it. The Lion was very surprised.
    He was so surprised that he started roaring.
    This time he roared so hard that the rabbits
    were startled, they jumped out of the hat and ran into the forest.
    "My friend," said Frederick, "can't you control yourself a little bit?"
    "Yes I can, Frederick," said the Lion. "Look, I am done roaring."
    The next time, when the magician pulled a rabbit out of the hat,
    the Lion needed much self-control not to start roaring.
    He was as quiet as a mouse.

    He was so quiet, that the rabbit was not afraid of him at all.
    And the one that does not know fear, has no reason to run away.
    "Again?" "Okay, Okay, Frederick, I am sorry," said the Lion.
    And the Lion promised to be quiet,
    so as not to scare his friends.
    And thus these friends were walking and walking
    through the unknown forest... "Where are we headed?"
    the Little Rabbit wanted to know.
    "That's a very good question,"
    said the magician, and he asked the Lion.
    In turn, the Lion asked Frederick:

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