• The Rabbit was also happily
    jumping behind his three friends.
    Now they were four and walking in a foursome was even
    more fun than in a threesome.
    "Hey, Long Ears, now you are also our friend,"
    said the other three friends.
    "You don't have to be afraid of
    the Lion when he's roaring. He's only doing it for fun,"
    said the magician. "That's very true," said the Lion.
    "That's me, it's my nature." And to convince the rabbit 
    that it was true, he was going to roar
    then and there, but Frederick noticed it in time,
    and when the Lion was about to open his mouth, he admonished him:
    "Frederick, where are we headed?" And Frederick also didn't quite know
    the answer to this question.
    But since he was at the head of their line
    and he had to decide, he said to his friends:

    "Let's go back to the Elephants' Forest. 
    I know that forest, that's my home,
    and I invite you all to my place."
    This idea wasn't half bad, because  his
    Mom and Dad were already worried about him.
    After Frederick and his friends walked a long, long time, they
    finally got back to the Elephants' Forest.
    His Mom and Dad were very happy to see 
    that Frederick was back home.

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