• The candelabrum swung a bit more, and then it fell on the council's table making a terrible noise.

        "Oh, My God!" exclaimed an emaciated and bent counselor who was wearing a huge robe, heavy with apple-shaped gold ornaments. He intended to trigger the mocking of the princess again, but the generals were not in that mood any longer.

       The chamberlain immediately brought them strong peppered tea with cinnamon and they proceeded to move to a smaller hall, where they started to draw maps of the area.
    Meanwhile, an endless swarm of ants carrying tiny jars of colourless glue came into the hall and started to rebuild the candelabrum, bit by bit and crystal bead by crystal bead.

       As soon as she got up, Myrmidone rushed to examine the generalsl plans. It was lunch minute, but she did not allow them to eat. She also did not take a seat among them, but sat herself at the top of the table on a rosewood armchair, while they lined up on each side of the table at a distance of three chairs.

    She unfolded the plans and maps while munching apples. The counselors were talking in low voices and from time to time there was a deadly silence, where one could hear Myrmidone crunching the fruit with her teeth, followed by the sounds of the counselorsl empty stomachs, since they only had tea.

    Suddenly, a spying firefly arrived, demanded to see the Princess immediately, and announced that the locusts were going to attack within an hour, having formed four armies lead by four commanders, with the famous General Tar amongst them.

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